About me

Andrepoint Artwork LLC features photography by Deanna Andrepoint based out of its Pelham, Alabama studio.

The child of artistic parents, I was encouraged to use my creativity from a young age and have enjoyed photography for many years. Years ago, my husband and I shared a darkroom, working together to print our photographs, only to see that time-consuming process disappear thanks to modern technology. These advances, however, allow me to have full control over the photographic process at every step of the way.

An avid nature and wildlife photographer, I love using the scenery God gave us to capture something beautiful. Whether the shoot is for a great egret, a calla lily or a three-year-old signing “I love you” to his deaf grandparents, the objective is to evoke a unique emotional response from the viewer.

Browse our portfolio for more information about our past shoots and see what I can do for you. For more information about photography services from Andrepont Artwork, contact me by phone or fill out our online contact form for pricing and to ask any questions about newborn photography and senior portraits in the Pelham, Alabama area today!

Let me help you create memories